Glacier National Park Family Adventure Session

Booking an family adventure session in Glacier National Park, doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sounds. Not all families or children are down to go for a hike, even for beautiful photos, AND THATS OKAY! I’m here to tell you that it isn’t too difficult to still get those absolutely stunning images if you want them. All it takes is a few hours of drive time + hiring me + and lots of fruit snacks. Haha! All of these images here in this gallery are all super easy locations to access in Glacier National Park during early Summer to early Fall.

Here are some helpful tips on planning and booking your family adventure session – although your photographer should be able to assist you as well!

  1. Plan for an evening family session in the park! The Going to the Sun Road is typically open from late June – early October. The National Park Service has excellent information on their website that can help when planning your trip and your photo session, find info HERE. When I photograph a session along Going to the Sun Road, we usually finish up close to sunset. However, I am flexible on that, especially with family schedules and little children. The reasoning behind wanting to finish at sunset, is so we aren’t shooting in harsh direct sunlight.
  2. Be ready to spend a few hours driving through the park if you’re wanting an adventure session that doesn’t include hiking. There are TONS of beautiful spots throughout the park from West Glacier to East Glacier. My adventure sessions start at 3 hours and go up from there.
  3. Pack extra outfits for the kiddos ( and maybe yourself too). Accidents do happen – especially with kids and clothing and although photoshop is a thing, it is very tedious and can be additional costs depending on the amount of work needed. I’m totally down for the fam to get down and dirty and run around in a field with hair tousled in the wind, but that juice stain that was made in the car, won’t always be an easy fix.
  4. Book your photographer in ADVANCE and be prepared to book a weekday. Lots of photographers in the area book up quick, especially in the summer season with travelers coming in and wanting their photos done on vacation, and typically weekends are booked out with weddings. Make sure before you’re even traveling, that you have booked your photographer so that you can be ready to rock n roll when you get to the Flathead Valley.
  5. Pack snacks and drinks!!!! As I said before, this can be a long time in the car and kids and adults (definitely me here) get hungry and thirsty… and we don’t want anyone getting hangry while we’re trying to have some fun and capture some beautiful family moments. Load up the cooler with some drinks, fruit snacks, blueberries, bananas and lots of water!
  6. Always bring your bear spray. Although these locations are just off the road – the park is natural and wild. There is wildlife everywhere around you and its better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re wanting to book a hiking adventure session or couples adventure session – look out for a blog on how to prepare for that or feel free to send an inquiry through my contact form HERE and lets chat!


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