Glacier National Park Fall Proposal

Andreas reached out to me MONTHS prior to the day that he actually proposed. He KNEW that Jordan was the one for him. It was so sweet how he planned this proposal and also he wanted to have video of it as well! So I reached out to Erin of On The Fly Films and she was eager to work with him as well!

So, Andreas booked us in April .. and it felt like FOREVER for October to arrive. Finally, it did. Jordan thought that Andreas had just booked them a couples session. Surprisingly, this was my first proposal, where the significant other actually knew that photos were even taking place! We all met up in West Glacier, where Erin and I led Andreas and Jordan to the Lake McDonald Lodge.

We first started the session easy, some photos on the bridge by the Lodge, moved down to the lake, captured photos by the lake… and then came the moment where Andreas was supposed to propose. The plan we had devised, was having Andreas give Jordan a big bear hug from behind. The first one he was supposed to do normal and then the second he was supposed to get down on his knee and Erin and I would then direct Jordan to turn around..

Bear hug one happened… then two… then three… and I’m thinking “Okay.. is he not going to propose?!” So I say, “Okayyyy lets do it one more time.” Andreas agreed laughing “One more time.” as he gets down on his knee. We tell Jordan to turn around AND IT WAS THE SWEETEST FRICKIN MOMENT EVER GUYS K. I’m such a frickin sap for love stories and this one wasn’t any different.

Of course Jordan said yes, we ventured around the lake to Apgar Village, where we took a couple photos with some pumpkins that Andreas asked us to prep (Thanks Erin for doing that haha!) We ended the session full of laughter + love and Andreas and Jordan went and had dinner at my favorite restuarant in Whitefish, Latitude 48.

Proposals are my jam. I’ve got many surprise proposals under my belt and I absolutely love being a part of such a special moment.

Photography: Blume Photography

Videography: On The Fly Films

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